About Hogfish

Unless you live here, you only find The Hogfish Bar and Grill on a tip. Once there, you know instantly this is a local’s spot, where people who fish eat fish. Hogfish is the way the lower Keys used to be, before all the nightlife and carnivals. Today, the Hogfish is an escape for those wanting to see and smell the ocean while enjoying fresh seafood in an old-Keys environment. It is the place to savor that simple but memorable pleasure of peeling and eating shrimp while watching shrimp boats dock, and to dig into a top-notch grilled hogfish (a delicious, diver-caught fish with a scallop-like Jiavor) sandwiched on Cuban bread as fishing boats move in and out of port. The adjacent marina used to be the headquarters of the Bay of Pigs operation and in peaceful times the Cuba ferry docked nearby. Today, artists and craft workers have claimed this affordable and private area, creating in their studio cottages lined up along the water. There is a tranquil, out-of-time presence as if nothing will change— as if the future lies in bringing people back to easy seaside living and fresh local food. Thanks to the restaurant’s new owner it may. As pricey homes grow around the golf course and professionals move to new offices on U.S. i, The Hogfish could soon be the only place that looks like old Stock Island, not an up- and-coming Key West… Click here for whole article.

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On Stock Island, Key West’s less rowdy neighbor, this low-key spot, tucked between a trailer park and the shrimp docks, is known for its pinks–Key West shrimp, distinguished by a pink dot
… Our fave: hogfish, caught only with a spear and served grilled at its namesake Hogfish Bar and Grill (6810 Front Street, Stock Island, 305/293-4041 or hogfishbar.com) on Stock Island, a short
…Sitting at the full-service bar by the pool table, you’ll feel the whish of servers racing to the waterside tables and tiki hut booths while customer chatter marks time to the boom, boom,
Like a conch hidden in its shell from the flood-tides of tourists traveling to the southern most tip of the United States, located in Key West, Florida, is a haven for vagabond soles with a fixation
At the Eaton Street Seafood Market in the historic district of Key West, Fla., a long glass case displayed a who’s who of the city’s seafood scene: plump piles of pinks (the local shrimp)
According to Charles Kuralt, the late CBS correspondent who roamed the U.S.A. in search of Americana, the Schooner Wharf Bar was the center of the universe. But of late that center has shifted a few
Back on the fishing track, I find Billy Niles, a third-generation Keys fisherman, and Douglas Gregory, a marine scientist, at the Hogfish Bar & Grill, munching on conch fritters.
It’s fresh as can be at relaxed waterside eatery… There’s a good chance most people haven’t happened upon the Hogfish Bar and Grill for their latest lunch or dinner excursion, as downtown
The real Key West? It’s not even on Key West proper anymore, but just over the Cow Key Channel Bridge, on the even tinier Stock Island. Follow Front Street past a row of old trailers, and
Artists and yachts are not the things that came to my mind when I think of Stock Island. I didn’t know that the CIA’s Bay of Pigs operation was based out of Safe Harbor Marina, or that the ferry